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Sandip Soparrkar

I have been proudly associated with Nalanda Nritya Kala Mahavidhyala for many years now... to me Nalanda is not just a dance education institute, I call Nalanda “A Temple” a place of worship of art and culture. It is a holy place where it’s devotees, it’s students, enlighten and illuminate their lives with the beauty of varied dance forms. The Rele family has given their life and soul to bring Nalanda to an international recognition, which has not been an easy task at all. Each student of this divine institute has graduated with proficiency and knowledge not only in dance and culture but about varied traditional values of life.

Dr.Vasanth Kiran

I am too small a person to talk about the greatness of incomparable contribution done by NALANDA. In the world when education had to be redefined especially in the area of Performing Arts, it was then Padmabhushan Dr Kanak Rele, a gigantic figure in the world of Classical dance and south after academician who made this possible through divine place 'Nalanda' under Mumbai University. For the last number of years of my close association it is undoubtedly that I can vouch for it's highest standards in teaching, research and scholarly imparting of Dance courses they offer. Apart from their incomparable Mohiniattam, their Bharatanatyam is indeed to fall in love with. Their hold on shastras, impeccable syllabus, history, music, taalam, nattuvangam, yoga, body conditioning through 'Svasthi' an in-house gym mentored by super man Mr Mehul Lal, multiple languages, kinesthetics, standards in their product work, dissertation, theses, field study, folk dance and music forms and importantly the performing opportunities and exposure to the legends through performances and lectures is a life time opportunity. It reached its pinnacle under the guidance of Dr Kanak Rele and currently with is under the leadership of its dynamic principal, wonderful artist, great soul Dr Uma Rele who is steering the institution in a perfect way. An obvious prodigy and lovely dancer herself Ms VaidehiRele is indeed an asset to this magnanimous institution. Proud to be associated and I blindly recommend Nalanda for any dancer and connoisseur to experience.