Welcome to Nalanda Nritya Kala Mahavidyalaya


Name Designation
June 06 Re opening of the college
June 07 Work shop for the students with the ‘Tjimur’ dance company from Taiwan.
June 08 Teachers meet with the principal, regarding NAAC.
June 10 Teacher’s meet for the Academic Calendar.
June 12 Teachers meet with the principal for the Time Table.
June 13-14

Work shop for the teachers, by Dr.Smt. Kanak Rele, for ‘Reviewing Teaching Practices’.

June 19-20

Distribution of the lectures to the Post Graduate students for teaching Experience.

June 21 ‘Yoga Day’ celebration
July 02

“Tree plantation Day” planting of the tree by students, poster making And Essay writing competition.

July 03 “KaviKalidas Jayanti” celebrated as Sanskrit Day.
July 09

Announcement of the projects assignments in various Theory Subjects.

July 16 “Guru Pournima” celebration.
July 20 Orientation Day for the Foundation I students.
August 20 viewing of the DVDs by the students.
August 29, 30, 31 Dance work shop by Smt. Sonal Mansingh
September 18-22 Study tour
September 24-25 Last Day for the submission of the projects.
September 26-27

Revision Lectures (tala practice, giving of the vyabhichari bhavas, Philosophical meanings etc.)

September 28-30 Music practice of the syllabus items.
October 1-2 Preparation leave.
October 03 Semester I, III, and V begins for the UG courses begins.
October 09 Semester I and III for PG. courses begins.
October 24 College closes for “Diwali Vacation”.
November 11 College re opens after “Diwali vacation”.
November 13-14 Dance work shop by an Eminent Dance scholar.
November 20 Last day for the submission of the University Examinations forms.
December 06 Teacher’s meet for the Nalanda Nrityotsava 2020
December 24 Christmas celebration
December 25 Winter Break
January 02 College re-opens
January 13-16 “Nalanda Nrityotsava”
February 11 Submission of the assignments and projects.
February 13-14 Preliminary Examination
February 24-29 Music rehearsals start for final examinations.
March 02-30 Final Examinations
April 03- 14 Theory Examinations
May 01 College closes for the summer vacations.