Nalanda’s annual national festival NRITYOTSAVA has now gained tremendous popularity and has become iconic..Started in 2006 by the Nalanda Dance Research Centre, it went on to gain national and international relevance. Nalanda’s NRITYOTSAVA has today become one of the major dance festivals for Young dancers in the country. Young aspirants from all over India and abroad aspire to be selected to perform in this festival.

The NRITYOTSAVA showcases talent of young but noticed performers between the ages of 20 years to 35 years. Applications are invited from all over India wherein the applicant sends V.C.D. of her/his performance. An independent panel of selectors views these V.C.D.s and selects 21 best to be presented at the 4 day long Festival. Another independent panel of judges selects 7 to 8 best performers who are awarded the title NALANDA NRITYA NIPUNA. There are applications from abroad as well. Nalanda also undertakes to provide an honorarium to the selected dancers to defray their expenses. The festival is only meant for young exponents of the recognized traditional classical dance styles and other recognized traditions like Sattriya, Yakshagana etc.The main irreversible condition of Nalanda is that only very traditional items set to traditional music can be performed in traditional costume.