Rules and Regulations for Students

  1. The minimum attendance required by the University is 75% of the total number of working days. Students are expected to attend all lectures and practicals regularly. Internal marks are reserved mainly for attendance. The annual examination forms of those whose attendance at lectures and/or practicals is less than 75% may not be sent to the University. The Principal reserves the right to refuse re-admission to students who have shown themselves irregular without adequate cause.

  2. Students are required to attend classes from the first day of the term.

  3. Students are expected to attend all the lectures / practicals prescribed in the College timetable. Attendance will be marked at each lecture.

  4. Students may absent themselves from College only for a serious reason after submitting a leave application in writing to the Principal.

  5. In case of illness, or some other personal matter, the Principal must be duly informed in writing, not later than ten days from the first day of absence. Medical certificates must be submitted.

  6. Students who are reported to be irregular will be first warned, and if they persist in being irregular, will have to explain their absence. If the authorities feel that the reasons supplied are not satisfactory, the student will be asked to leave the College in the following term.

  7. As a policy, permission to exempt oneself from lectures/practicals is given only to those who represent the College or University for some event (sports, DLLE, Youth Festivals, competitions...). Their absence at lectures/practicals is condoned .

  8. Students must wear the uniform prescribed by the college every day.