1. To Preserve, Perpetuate and Propagate Academics in Dance in its Pristine Purity at Higher Education.
2. Development of Dance Pedagogy.
3. Creating “Total Dancers” as Cultural Ambassadors.


1. Developing Research Aptitude in Performing Arts (Dance).


1. Preservation of Traditional Indian Dance Styles (Classical and Folk) by imparting training through traditional “guru-shishya parampara” method (teacher-taught tradition).
2. Synthesis of ancient and concurrent trends by adapting ICT methods to traditional system of teaching.
3. Creating National and International platforms for Performances of the Students.
4. Holistic Development of students by Enhancing and Enriching the knowledge on Dance by learning its allied subjects like
- Dance as Yoga.
- Dance as Fitness.
- Dance as a Therapy.
- Dance as a Comprehensive Art Form.